Would You Know How?

One bruised,
And damaged heart…

Still beating,
But just barely.

With the welling up of a tear,
Hoping unnoticed,
Yet longing to see another’s eyes,
Longing to see a reflection
Of warmth.

Ears so anxious
To catch a murmur
Of seduction,
And attraction,
And the rhythmic beat
Of another’s heart.

But strong and
So capable of holding,
Holding tightly,
To a forever.

And needing so desperately

To be sure,
This man is broken…

Pieces falling,

So searching for completion,

And repair.

Are you there?

Is it you?

Are you my forever?

Could you…

Would you…

Would you know how

To fix this broken man?

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

34 thoughts on “Would You Know How?

  1. Love this one! Speaking of completion, I wonder whether it is a joint responsibility, a partnership that paves the road to completion…or whether we fool ourselves with the belief that a partner is essential for oneness. Your works make me think, and I truly enjoy that. Thank you, and have a great day (or night, whichever it is in your part of the world) 🙂

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    1. I so much appreciate your thoughts! And I so much agree. In the end, to enjoy pure wholeness, maybe we need the confidence of that special partner to guide our travels through life. Yes?

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      1. Well said. I agree, a journey together is always better than one alone. Perhaps all we need is trust and faith of a special someone to see us through journeys harsh and pleasant. Nothing seems insurmountable with ‘the confidence of that special partner’. A pleasure reading your works and comments!!

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      1. I’m a firm believer in going with what you find within. Well, a new believer, but firm nonetheless. I just really delved into writing this year and a wise friend advised me of this at the beginning. I get it now.

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