To Taste…You

When we first met…

I sensed
So soon,
That you



Made more of,

I deserved.


Made more of

My day,
Than the dawn
Could ever

I’ve suffered emptiness.

I’ve accepted loneliness.

But now
There is a newness,

There is a fullness,

There is finally,
A future,

For me…

With you.

I’ve already tasted

I’ve already tasted,
What I thought
Happiness was meant to be.

I’m ready,
And need,

So desperately,

To taste,

To taste…


© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

18 thoughts on “To Taste…You

      1. See…you’ve bested me again with your wit. So love that! Is it possible for this teacher to deliver the requisite syllabus tomorrow? This Washington, DC timezone and 415am wake-up leave this teacher scant time to produce the appropriate document. Call me weak Vera, I know. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Not to worry my friend…that’s when I head to the gym. I’ll consider the syllabus in the midst of cardio, pullups, and weight-lifting. It will be a “complete” work-out. Have a great day Vera, and thanks for the comments! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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