An Afterthought

It wasn’t just the distance in your eyes
Or shallowness in your voice

That wrote chapter
After chapter
Of our novel,

Putting ink to paper,

Describing with certainty,

Our not-so-future

And so revealing
Is your ignorance
To the pending publication
Of our dissolution.

Just another day
Of repetition
And vapid routine.

Maybe it’s just

Maybe I am neither
The man,
Nor partner
That you desired…

Or maybe you’ve forgotten
That I was,

And still am.

Too many assumptions,

Too much taking,
And taking for granted.

I understand that what you do
Is important,
And challenging,

And apparently,

All consuming.

But that’s quite telling,
Isn’t it?

The focus is inward,
On you…

What’s left out of focus

Is me,

And us.

No worries.

Life has a way of dulling
The senses,

And relationships…

I guess.


I’m resigned to a secondary status
In your life,

For now.

But recognize,
And be mindful of

I will not…

I cannot…

Always be,

An afterthought.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

25 thoughts on “An Afterthought

    1. So much appreciate your insight and interest! I very much take satisfaction when my words connect with the reader. Thanks for your time to read my work!!


    1. Thanks so much Sue. And I’m sorry for evoking sadness…but isn’t that what makes life so complex and glorious? The power of emotion is such a beautiful piece of silk woven through our experience. Yes?

      Liked by 1 person

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