And What If…You Say Yes

There is a calculus
To relationships…


An assessment
Of the odds of success,

A willingness
To risk,

And acceptance,
That there’s
A chance of failure.

A lifetime of experience
Steels my heart
For these certainties.

And yet,

Here I am,


Revealing me…

Revealing my entirety,



All I ask
Is this.

Be mindful
Of my heart,

As I

Will be mindful

Of yours.

And if you
Sense no clear path

So be it.


We will avoid
The mutual damage,

And admit
The crossed expectations
And misaligned understanding,
Of the way ahead.


If you feel
Just the smolder
Of a burn.

If you sense
Just a chance
Of mutual salvation,

If you are willing
To go
All in

On a bet…

A bet on

“A you,”

And “a me,”

Then speak


I anticipate rejection
And delivery of damage
To my heart,

The vicious cycle
Of want,
And hope,
Then denial,
And dissolution of redemption.

But maybe,
If you sense differently,
If you envision a future
Of joined warmth,
And surety,
And rapture…

Then whisper to me,
Make me whole,
And ready.

All I can dream of is…

What if,

What if…

You say yes,

Yes, to our tomorrow?



© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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