In The Absence Of…You

Some things in life
Are predetermined,

The expectations,
Upon which we
Trust to come true.

That the dawn…
We will know,

Daylight will follow.

That the darkness
And cold of winter…
We will know,

That spring
Will surely blossom.

But now,
I feel compelled,
To add other
Immutable truths.

In the absence
Of your love,

I am lost.

In the absence
Of your touch,

My skin
No longer feels.

In the absence
Of your heartbeat,

Mine languishes.

Perhaps this
Is an epiphany
For you…


In your absence,

I cease to exist.

So I beg you,

Be mindful of me,

If that’s important.

There are consequences

To me,

To my life,

In the absence of…





© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

4 thoughts on “In The Absence Of…You

      1. Definitely… I suffer from blocks now and then. Yet when feelings become anarchic words pour out in a rush. Still, it doesn’t mean that those that come slow and ponderous were not inspired by the heart. They just had to meander through all the mind-blocks.

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