For all those men
That follow strictly,
The rules of relationships…

For all those
To let go of stodgy stuffiness…

For all those
That can’t
Find the means
To shift their personal paradigm…

Listen to me,

Take heed of my words,

Invest just a precious moment
Of your attention.

If there is someone
That you love,
That you would give all for…

That you simply
Can’t live without,



Tell her…


That she completes you…

That nothing else matters,
In your life
Than to be with,
And provide for,
And satisfy…


If that is what you feel…

Listening closely,
And carefully,
To the whispers
Of your heart…

You must act.

You must



Take a chance
With your heart.

Love her
With total abandon…

Breathe deeply,
And be…





© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

10 thoughts on “Reckless

      1. Though just my thoughts…I believe in reckless! So very many people end up alone for not taking the risk, and for the rest of their lives…they wonder? Reckless, Yes!😄

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I learned from my days in the Navy a famous John Paul Jones quote. “Those that will not risk cannot win.”. Seems applicable in so many ways! 😃


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