Just Answer Me…Please

I know you have doubts…

Too many complexities,
To make this a reality,

To make us,
Fit together.

Family situations…

None of this makes sense,
Does it?

I understand,
And I accept those worries.

I feel that way too.

But what if we don’t take
This risk?

What if we don’t go all in,
Betting everything
On one chance…

To love?

When all is said and done,
Can we look back on
This moment,
And know
In our hearts,
That we’ve done
The right thing?

Just look at me,


Listen to your heart’s answer.

I want to be yours,
I am pledging myself,
To you.

Just take my hands,
And hold in them,
Our lives together.

We can do this…

Just say “yes,”

Just answer me…





© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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26 thoughts on “Just Answer Me…Please

  1. I feel your longing in your poems, you express yourself well dear Bill

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    1. Really appreciate your comments. I just write what comes to mind….good, bad, indifferent. Perhaps I should be more disciplined! 🙂

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      1. More disciplined in what way?

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      2. I guess I meant from the writing perspective. I so much enjoy powerful, professional poetry (e.g. Mark Strand, Mary Oliver, etc.), but I just can’t seem to master what they do and how they do it. So, I just decided to write the way it comes naturally to me. I don’t have any formal training in this genre (other than high school English class… 🙂 ), so I just play with emotions and the words that I believe best fit and capture what I feel. Maybe that’s what I’m supposed to do. Perhaps this writing thing is a journey unto itself. Yes?

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      3. I think there are no rules. 🙂
        If what you write feels good then you should do it.
        When I became an adult and wrote for public consumption I wrote very differently than I do now. It felt good and right then. This that I’m doing now, feels good and right.
        I think what you’re doing flows well. Discipline is for people who want to obey erroneous rules 🤨😉

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      4. So well spoken. We’ll just keep doing what we do…yes?

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      5. I’m happy with it, today. Haha

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      6. Yes…as of today, we’re happy with it. Perfect. 🙂

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  2. Beatifully written. You are definitely one of the poets of love, infatuation and sexual attraction that has reached me more. This is incredibly eloquent and powerful. Love these lines:
    “Just take my hands,
    And hold in them,
    Our lives together”

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    1. So glad you liked it! Guess I don’t have too much of a pre-determined style…just a free verse approach. Whatever flows from my mind and heart. I hope that’s okay!

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      1. Simply love the way you write. Wish I could craft such powerful poems like you. They exude experience, musicality, sensuality and authenticity. What more could any poet want?

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      2. That’s so kind of you to say. I’ve been doing technical things all my professional life, and decided that I needed to explore other means to satisfy my creative urge. This writing exercise has been that release. I’ve come to find that’s the only thing that I want to do when I get home from work. Don’t know if that’s good or bad…but I so much enjoy it!

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      3. That you enjoy it is the most important thing. If you do something with passion it will be good for sure.

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      4. Thanks…I suspect that you’re right. If there’s something deep down inside us, that has to come out and take life in words, we must set those ideas free, don’t we?

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      5. Yea, definitely.

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  3. An important strength you have is that your poems are very accessible even to those people who might not be into poetry at all. That shows you know how to reach people in general. You are a good communicator of thoughts and feelings, which makes readers identify themselves with your poems. 👍

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    1. That really means a lot to me, and I so much appreciate that! Sometimes I think that my words are just plain and plebian… but it’s the style that comes from within… right or wrong. Maybe I’ve found my “voice.”

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  4. “But what if we don’t take/This risk?” This line struck the hardest because the mister and I went through something like this during the long distance portion of our relationship (work, distance, emotional wellbeing). We’re happy we took the risk. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing this! I hope you’ll take the risk too when the time comes.

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    1. Really appreciate your thoughts, and I agree. It’s so important to take that leap of faith when the time is right. Sounds like that leap worked out well for you! So glad!

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