We Can Do This

None of this,
Seems to make sense.

Yet here I am,

So needing,


Separated from me,
By so much space,
And time.

How can Fate
Be so cruel?


So tempting,

So attractive,

So alluring.

Nothing seems straightforward,



But know this…

The good
And pure
And lasting
Things in life,

Evade expediency,
Require patience,
Demand investment
Of heart and soul…

Don’t they?

Give me time.

Gift to me your understanding.

Know how deeply,
You touch me…

How much,
You mean to me…

How much,
I need,


We can make it
To our place,

Just trust…

Just know…

Just accept…

We can do this.




© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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