So Different And…So Perfect

In that moment
Of first meeting you…

An epiphany,
A discovery,
Something so new,
And refreshing,

Bandaged my wounded heart,
And needing soul.

Just that wry smile,
Framing your beautiful,
Lush lips,
When you say something
So clever,
That you’ve bested

Just the way
You wear,
So clearly,
With imbued confidence,
Your style,

Each garment,
Each color,
Each texture,

But together,
Pure artistry.

Just that look,
You casually offer
My heart,
So subtle,
Yet so strong,
In conviction,

And desire.

I knew,
The first time we met…

That you

Are extraordinary.

So singular
And separate
From any other woman,

So different and…

So perfect.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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