Burn It All…Down

I know there are
So many challenges
Lying before us.

I can see
In your eyes
The doubt…

And hesitation.

So many worries,

So many unknowns,

So many things,
Dragging us from


To No.

But listen
To me…

And listen,
Even more closely,
To the whispers,
From your heart.

Our lives,
Have followed different paths,
To different destinations.

But now…

We feel the pull of that love,
Drawing us together…

To a different day,
In a brighter light.

Do you sense that?

And if not…

Take your hand,
Place it on my heart,

Know that we can do this…

We can make it,
To our eternity.

Don’t worry about
The walls separating us…
Separating a chance
For us to love,

Take my hand
And hold this match
With me.

All the separation,
All the distance,
All the disillusionment,

All the worry,

Are so,
So flammable.

Just take my hand,
Clutch this match
With me…

Strike it,
Start this flame,
Build the fire…

Take that heat
To all our concerns,
And questions
And worries,

About what could
Stop our love.

Take my hand…

Strike this match,

Burn it down,

Burn it all…





© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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