Baggage Claim #6…Terminal 2

When he boarded that flight,

He knew he was leaving,

Leaving his old life behind,
And with that step,

All the tainted memories,
Of mistakes,
And missed opportunities,

Failed chances
To truly love,
And live.

The discomfort
Of a long flight
Would be bothersome,
But not this time.

To be sure,
He welcomed
The low humidity
Of the cabin…

All the better,
To more quickly evaporate
The tears that found
Their way,
Creeping from
The corners of his eyes…

Hoping no one would notice.

All he needed to do
Was fight to forget
The past,
And focus
On this new future,

And as the memories passed,
So did the miles,

Until now,
At his heart’s untouched destination.

She would be there,
Awaiting him,
Ready for

A new chance,
A real chance,
To move forward,
And to love,

All here,

At Baggage Claim #6…

Terminal 2.



© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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