Have I Told You?

All day long,
Our lives are confounded
By unending questions.

The Boss wants
To know your
Strategy for success,

Your co-workers
Want input
For the summer picnic,

The Dry Cleaning staff
Wants to know
When to have
Your garments ready…

So many
Mostly meaningless questions,
In the grand scheme
Of our,
In reality…

Short time,
In this world.

There are
The more difficult questions,
That I suspect
You ask yourself
Throughout the day,
As I do
As well,

Can I really do this?

Am I good enough?

Can I just make it
To the weekend,
And then rest?

Where does this all

None of the answers,

So here,
Finally together,
Let me burden you
With just one more question

Just one more.

Take my hands,
Breathe in,


Look into
My eyes,

Just one last question
For the day,

Just one last question
For you to consider…

Have I told you,

That I love you?

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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