Maybe…I’m Too Far Gone

It’s just a photograph,
Of a beautiful woman,


Looking back
At me
From another world,
Another dimension,

Each pixel,
A scintillation
Radiating your elegance
As it brightens the screen,

Brightening as well,
My otherwise dull
And lifeless life.

There are so many other things
To co-opt my attention
And limited moments
To think,

But this download,
Has wrecked my reality,
And distorted my routine.

Easy to ignore,

Without question…

Maybe life has its own method
To heighten the important,
And diminish the unimportant…

And your eyes,
So clearly convey
What is important.

I’m weak
And simply
Cannot focus.

I’m a poor organizer
With difficulty
Keeping the main thing,
The main thing.

Or maybe…
I’ve fallen in love.


I’m too far gone.




© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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