In The Harsh Light Of Morning

Last night,
I was certain,

Looking through
The eyes
Of a yearning man,

Made more wise
By one drink,
Maybe two.

I was certain,

That I was good enough
For you,

That your heart
Resonated with mine,

That we
Saw a similar destiny…
Your arms,
In mine,


But now,
Reading your last note
Of the night,
I’m no longer sure.

Maybe my eyes
Would not,
Could not
The frank
Finality of your words.

So now,

In this new day,

Beyond what
I wanted to see,

Reality forces
Me to understand.


Am not what
You need.


Am not what
You dream of


Am not what
You desire.

No next steps.

No chance,
For a love
I needed

And wanted,

So completely.

This dawn,

This new day,

Starts again

With ache,

And emptiness…

All so sorely clear,

In the harsh light

Of morning.



© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.



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