Somewhere I’ve Never Been

Taken for granted,
Left lonely…

And so many other hurts,

The story of my heart…

For years,

Exhausting my trust
And hope
To find
That perfect pairing
For my emotions.

And now…

You are here,

So close.

But please,


Understand my vulnerability.

Accept my doubt,

Recognize the anguish
And apprehension
Of a wounded heart,
Simply seeking solace.

Are you sure of me?

Am I the one that reaches
Your heart?

Am I the one that completes
Your missing dreams?

If so…

Take me,

Hold me,

Join me.

If you can trust me…

And I can trust you,

Take me away from this
Empty life.

Take me to completion,

Take me


I’ve never been.




© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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