Try Me On For Size

I know
You’ve been hurt before,

I sense the rightful worry
In your eyes,
Speaking so clearly
Of past pain.

But look at me,
Look into my eyes
And in the glistening,
See a reflection
Of a forever…



Let me take you
In my arms,

Sense how perfectly
We fit

Feel how lyrically
My breath
Whispers on your neck.

Absorb the beat
Of my heart,
Joining yours
In a symphony
Of spring freshening.




The building heat
Burning deeply
In our bodies.

Please look
To a new day

And new chance
Forever love.

Just try…

Try me on for size.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

8 thoughts on “Try Me On For Size

  1. I know the size fits. And I really like the style. But, the real leather is a bit firm on my toes, and the base of the ankle. I was told it will give and mould very quickly with the feet. Then, I would want to keep them for life. Hmm… It’s a tough decision. 😉

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