I Tried…

Know this…

Our pact,

Our promise,

Our commitment,

To move on…

To separate ourselves
From a past nearness,

And touch,

To a follow-on

I understand.

We discussed,
And agreed

That aseptic emptiness,
Was better for both,

Than the tearing of touch,
And rent of real love,

And in doing so,
Accepted the
De-tuning of our hearts.

But yet again,
I’ve fallen short
Of your expectations.

Call me weak.

Call me what you will.

But know this.

Every ounce of me wanted
To move on,
To forget…

But I simply cannot.

I can’t forget your light,
And warmth,
And grace.

All I can see
In my mind’s eye…

Is your beautiful smile.

I tried,

So deeply,

And desperately…

I’ve failed
To forget you.

I tried,

God knows that

I tried…




© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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