Our Pages…Pulled

I suspect that
I’ve surprised you with this note…

Despite the fact
That we are separated,
That our lives
Have taken different directions,
To different destinations…


I suspect,
As well,
That I’ve surprised you,
By sending these reflections,
Seeping across a page
The old-fashioned way…

For they
Are neither to be
Electronic nor,


I need you
To see
The ink-blood
Of my emotions,
Spread by the nib.

I need you
To feel
The parchment…

And maybe,
Just one last time,
For your fingertips
To sense me…

And vicariously,
Me to sense


I am certain
That you will be
Surprised to know
The secret of a Diary,
I’ve kept
All my life…

My ark,
All the jewels of my heart…

My aspirations,
And my fears,

My longings,
And my love.

With this letter,
I’ve included the pages…

The pages from my Diary…

Interpreting us.

I need you to see,
And accept,
Without doubt…

The depth of desire
And commitment

I felt,

And still…


For you.

Do with this testament,
As you wish.

And secondly,
I need to separate,
By eternity,

That folio of my feelings
For you,
From me.

Neither my mind,
Nor my heart,
Can know
That a history
Of loving you
Is close

And within reach.

So now…

Realize that my Diary

And my life

Are lighter,

Not just by the weight,
Of several sheets
Of paper…

But by the absence of,
And longing for
Real love,

Filled otherwise
With the vacuum of nothingness…

Of an unreachable tomorrow.

I still,

So much

Need you…

But my Diary is lighter now,
And my heart,

Empty now…

Our pages…


© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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