On The Verge

It was simply the way
She smiled,
When she said something funny,
And quirky,

Looking directly
Into my eyes.

Maybe it was her playfulness,


The light she seemed
To bring to every moment
With her.

Could have been
The way her casual elegance,
And hushed sensuality

And purposefully,





At first,
I made nothing of it,

Simply two humans,
Exchanging nonchalant

But with
Each passing



I found my life

Beginning to veer.

Veering from

The mundane,

The predictable,

The unimportant…

In a different direction,

To a different destination…

One fraught with emotional peril,

But so promising of richness,
And complete commitment.

I want
And need to fight this,
And cling to the certainty of routine.

But something inside me
Is changing…

Pushing me farther…

To that fraught place,

So close,

So near,

On the verge…

On the verge,

Of falling in love.




© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.


5 thoughts on “On The Verge

  1. Hello Bill, I have just started to explore your poems and like all I have read until now, so musical, sensual and full of powerful words that speak to me with all the senses. Love the way you create the rhythm, sometimes using longer verses and every now and then monosyllables to suddenly accelerate events, thoughts, feelings… You are very good at describing human feelings and reactions when it comes to infatuation, sexual attraction and love. BTW, thank you for stopping by my blog.

    Liked by 1 person

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