All Of This Means…

What does it mean,
When I start my day
And end my day,
Dreaming of you?

What does it mean,
When my singular focus
Is simply to find ways
To surprise,
And delight you?

What does it mean,
When I want nothing more
Than to listen to you…
Understanding clearly,
Your needs
And dreams?

What does it mean,
When I strive to please you,
In every way,
Serving your desires
To complete


I have a strong drive
To serve others.


I enjoy helping those
Close to me.


I have too much time
On my hands.


Just maybe…

You have stolen
My heart.


Just maybe…

You are
The most beautiful woman
On this planet.


Just maybe…

You have co-opted
My reason to live.

What does all
Of this really mean?


Just maybe…

All of this means…

That I have fallen hopelessly,


In love…

With you.




© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

8 thoughts on “All Of This Means…

    1. Know that your thoughts are so important and meaningful…and I’m grateful. Know as well, that your comments make me smile. Such a great respite after a long, hard day. Thank you!

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  1. Bill my man, excellent work as usual. I absolutely love this poem! It reminds me of the old love songs from back in the day…… maybe 70’s or 80’s. I’m talking “Power Ballads”. You are an inspiration. My mentor! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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