Do What You Need To Do




Make no difference,
To me…


Just a tiny piece of my heart,
Retained the ounce
Of hope
I clung to,
Out of desperation,
And desire.

But all of this
Is affirmed,
With the pronouncement
Of reality…

Which is,

I am a figment,

An afterthought,

A cast aside.


You triumph…

And I…


Finish this.


What you need

To do.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

8 thoughts on “Do What You Need To Do

    1. That’s incredibly kind of you to say….thank you so much! I much prefer to write about positive relationship thoughts and actions…but I would be remiss to overlook the other side of life. And last night, this theme came to me…and I simply had to write. Have you ever felt that way (and I suspect you have) when there are words inside you that have to come out? Be set free? Since I started writing last July, I’m amazed at how strong this influence can be. The urge to put words into reality and release the thought can be so powerful at times. Sorry for my driveling….just my feelings about how “Do What You Need To Do” found its way to WordPress. I appreciate your tolerance for the rambling!

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      1. Yes it’s like a dammed river that JUST has to burst. I feel that often. Yet other times it’s not as easy. It is a slow and ponderous process. For me, it depends on what I am feeling. As it is for you, too, I am sure writing is important, it makes things better, it makes things all right again. Not at all, I like your ‘driveling’ 🙂

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      2. I so much appreciate you accommodating and understanding. You’ve put it just right…like a dammed river that JUST HAS to burst. And yes…it all depends on the feeling at the moment…perhaps that’s the pressure welling up…urging the dam to break. Truth be told…all I want to do when I get home from my “day job,” is pour a drink, and write. Once I’m done with the chores and company work…well…that’s what I do…I pour that drink into a glass, and pour my heart into verse. I know…that’s pretty pathetic.

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      3. Yes, I totally agree: you’ve completed that analogy to perfection. The feeling’s the building pressure 🙂 Far from pathetic, I find that a wholesome and appealing habit/need.
        And, no need to thank me (or apologise) — friends do not stand on ceremony.

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