More Than Just One Drink

I thought…

Now in hindsight,

That it would be easier,
To forget
About you.





So painfully wrong.

The reality is
That our moments together,

Own my forever.

So where does that
Leave me?


Desperately lonesome,


Or maybe

To move ahead
To another chapter
In my life.

So in this negative now,
I fight to breathe,
And live.

Facing yet again
The misery
And the longing,

I realize,
And accept

That me
Missing you

Is breaking


Pushing me
To the absolution
Of heartache…

The remedy of which,

I now know…

Is more,

So much more,



One drink.




© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.


8 thoughts on “More Than Just One Drink

    1. I so totally agree with you. Seems to me that the decision involves an emotional calculus…how much has one invested in the heart, and depth of another. The greater the investment, and the deeper one has gone…perhaps…the more difficult to let go. And hence, the unwillingness to even consider doing so…despite the perpetuation of pain. Perhaps this helps define the true beauty, and power of love…regardless of the sometimes unwelcomed results…we humans keep doing what we do.


      1. You know, I read the other day about how humans become unusually rick averse when an investment has gone pear-shaped: the more we are losing, the less easy it is to cut losses — the inexplicable, perverse nature of emotional economics. But, then who says feelings are logical or sane 🙂

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