Every Dream I Dream

Somewhere between
The dusk
And dawn
Of my life…

We connect.

Just the delicate whispers
Of my dreams,
And yours,
Find the perfect nexus,

Fastening you
And me
With the pure
Profound touch,
Only known
Between lovers.

It is neither words,
Nor gestures…

But the luxurious warmth
Of embers,


In the expanse of night,
You reach me.

Across the miles
Or time that may
Separate us…

In the deepness
Of color,

You paint me.

Every night,
Your whisper
Caresses me.

Every night,
The shaman of your spirit
Clutches me…

In passion,
And beauty.

There is no escape,

Nor do I want
There to be one.

On the crest of our adoration,
I ride a nocturnal wave.

Every swell,
My desire for you.

Every want in my world,
Is for you.

Every dream
I dream,

Is of…





© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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