Somewhere Between Yesterday…And Tomorrow

Just in this moment,
I thought of you…

And I fell back into
The familiarity
Of despair.

It hasn’t been all that long
Since you left me,

But minutes seem like hours,
And hours like days,
And days like years,

And years…


That feels like a


Without you.

Others would chastise me
For weakness,
And failure,
And vulnerability…

All spot on.

But I simply cannot
Set my heart free.

The portraiture

Of you,
And your beauty,
And your sensuality,

Every corner,
Of my mind,
With the luster,
Of you.

So here I struggle,

Or perhaps,

To move,
Beyond a you,
And a me.



Between yesterday…

And tomorrow.



© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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