Don’t Turn On The Lights

Somewhere between
Our first date,
And these never slowing years…

Our emotional burdens built,

We failed,

And my heart broke,

Stumbling through
A monotony…

Leading to
Our empty

We fought…

Not only to break the shackles
Strangling freshness,

But our selfish,

Singular focus,

On ourselves.

So many dreams,
Drowned in this wave of
The secular,

And I don’t know how…

To make it right.

So now,
At 2 AM

In our bed…

I struggle,

But there is no release,

There is no answer,

There is no direction,

To take us
From this nether world,

To normalcy,
And happiness.

If it is possible,
For tears to testify,
To expose a torn heart,
And utter anguish…

Then my eyes are witnesses.

So in this moment…

Don’t torture me.

Don’t embarrass me.

Leave it dark.

Grant me isolation.

Leave my tears,
To me,

To my sorrow,
And a separation from us…

And new

Don’t look at me.

I beg you…

Don’t turn on

The lights.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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