This is not necessarily,
About the final destination.

Nor is it about
What we need
To take with us.


This is about
What we leave behind.

This is about
The journey
And what we experience,

Along the way.


Unburden your mind,
Unleash your heart,
Unshackle your body,

Of all the affected,
And artificial,
And assumed
Things in your life…

Both mental,
And physical.

Embrace all
Of me,

Skin melting,
To a finality…

To the mean.

There will be a beat.

There will be a rhythm.

There will be a building…

That defines the landscape
Of our odyssey,
And magnifying the pleasure
Of what we see,

And smell,

And taste,

And hear,

Along the way.

Come with me…


Let loose your sense
Of adventure,
And anticipation.

Come with me
On this journey.








© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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