Just…One More Sip



I am tricked into
Thinking that this drink,

Holding a special place…

In this evening’s reverie,

Will soothe me.

The synergy and intersection between,
And exhaustion,
And alcohol…

And perhaps,

Unspoken love,

Should result
In a strength
To move forward…

Beyond an unhealed wound,
To rest,
And peace,

Gifting enforced ignorance,
And situated blinders,

Blocking the vision
Of truth.

So with confidence,
I drink…

To dismiss…


Lies the paradox.

Erasure of emotion
Remains elusive,

And memories
Are magnified,

Aren’t they,

By the drink?

So much of me,
Wants to forget,
Move on

From the definitive truth.


I’ll just stop,

No more taste of this drink…

Or you.

I need,
And so much long for
A clear future.


Maybe it wouldn’t hurt.

In fact…

I’m sure…

It would help me sleep.

I won’t think about you,
Or dream of you,

Will I?


One more sip.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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2 thoughts on “Just…One More Sip

  1. Wow, you have painted such a vivid picture of emotional anguish. It can only come from someone who’s loved very fiercely. So wonderful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes… That would do it! I so much appreciate your thoughts!


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