Somewhere Near Exhaustion

Somewhere near exhaustion,
You offered me a vision of sensual,

Somewhere near exhaustion,
I conveyed your body
To another world,
And you conveyed mine,

Shrouded in the secrecy
Of our fantasies.

Somewhere near exhaustion,
We fell into one another,
Two bodies,
And rhyming,
In certain satisfaction.

Somewhere near exhaustion…

I recognized,

And understood,

And accepted,

That there was no woman,

In this world,

More special,
More meaningful,
More important,
More complementary
To my life…

Than you.

Somewhere near exhaustion,

I realized,

That you were,

And are,

And will forever be…

My one,

And only…

Not just in these moments
Near exhaustion…

But in perpetuity.



© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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