And Then What?

We have past that moment…

Neither will,
Nor discretion,
Can reverse
Or erase
Our now
Problematic past.

Our connection,
Our consumption,
Our completion…

Flared unexpectedly,
Perhaps regrettably.

Moments of pleasure,
And passion,
Tore us from
Ambivalence in life
To a carnal,


Though impermanent,

But in doing so,
Drove us

Beyond what we understood,

Beyond what we foresaw,

To this nether world.

Neither defined by love,
Nor commitment,


But no less impactful,
And lustful.

Where do we go now?

Do we simply try to forget?

Do we simply try to evade
Our recklessness?

Can we?

Can we ignore this moment?


And then what?




© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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