It Needs To Feel Like…Forever

Our fate whispers in your ears,
And mine.

Burned by the flames of past unreality,
And I,
Have searched for,


We have begged for,

A sense of destiny,
A future of happiness,
A vision of stability,
A tomorrow of certain love.

We desperately need this sure salvation,

This balm,

To heal our battered souls.

The singe,
The ripping,
The drowning,
The smothering,

The desecration…

Of our former
Unprotected hearts,

Need no longer
Define our existence.

The breath of our beings
Together, now,
Is a saturation of dedication
To one another…

What we have needed,

Simply one man,

And one woman,

Determining a future together.

Committing beyond the societal norm
Of social media nothingness.


That the decades to come,
Are not numbers,
Nor statistics,

But an irrefutable testament
To our vows.

What I feel for you…

Is extraordinarily special.

What you feel for me…

The same.

This is a permanency,
Not simply a fling.

It needs to be personal.

It needs to be private.

It needs to be singular.

It needs to feel like,

It needs to feel like…forever.



© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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