Displace My Pain

The shrill crescendo of emptiness,
Floods my ears,
And drowns my heart,
In the sorrow

Of the now.

Sitting here,
Void of feeling…
Drained by the incessant
Vacuum of loneliness,
I wait…

To be filled.

Filled with hope

To live,

To want,

To satisfy another,

To love…


The anguish
Of loneliness,
Knows no limits
Nor bounds…

Simply the power
To tear life
From the grasp of
A hurting man.

In this moment,

Take me from
This nether world of weakness,

Blaze for my eyes
The light and
The panoply of your love’s
And texture.

Displace my failure.

Displace my emptiness,

Displace my pain…

Fill me,

With you…







© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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