Against My Better Judgement

Awake in the dream of another world,
I let myself down,


Trying not to think of you,

That errant whisper of your memory,
Crept into my ears.

The warmth of your breath,
On my neck,
Somehow caressed me again.

The beat of your heart,
Radiating the luxury
Of your chest,
Pulsed again through
My wanting.

Desperately needing the norm
I had come to accept,

With a thousand fathoms
Of deep regret,

I only wanted the taste of your absence,
That had dulled the hunger for you,
No longer in my world.

But tonight,

I dared to open that tattered satchel
Of your memories,


Only pain was to be found,



Begging my mind,
And heart
To forget,

I opened that lovely burden
Of my brokenness,
Bearing the heavy load
Of missing you…

Letting myself down,
Once more.


Against my better judgement.



© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.




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