Beat…By Beat

Our world is neither defined,
Nor limited,
By the ordinary.

There is no sense of time
Prescribed by others…

Defining our ticking clock,

But rather,
Such manifestations of the now
Are proscribed by you and me.

No one person,
No social structure,
No mass media,
No technical revelation,
No norm fomented and foisted
By others…

What breath,
And life…

And love…

Mean to us.

We dance to our own melody.

We rest in our own shade.

We satiate, solely one another…

Interpreted by our innermost secrets,
And desires.

We answer to no one.

We live in our singularly prescience world…

To only your heart
And mine…

Beat…by beat.



© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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