What If?

What if the scent of your life
Was blown away by this world,
Before inhaled by me?

What if the taste of you
Was diluted by the flood
Of the routine?

What if I,
Sitting here,
Longing for you,
Hungry for you…

Wanted nothing for my life…

Other than you?

What if
I was left empty,

And lost,

And forever gasping for
The life breath
Of your warmth?

What if you knew,
And grasped,
What could be?

What could be,

If your life,
And mine,
Were intertwined,
For our now…

For our

What if you took my hand,
And heart,
And promises,
To hold,
And cherish,
None but you?

What if we were meant to be…

What if?



© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.



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