What Keeps Me Awake

Perhaps it’s a blessing…

Others, I know,
Wake in the dead of night,
Concerned about so much…

Maybe problems at work,
Or other distractions.

But know this.

I lose sleep as well.

I find myself at daybreak,
Wistful, and yearning for rest.

But my fatigue
Is not brought about by
Personal problems,
Nor worries.


My sleeplessness,
Is a result of our passion…

Our love…

Our love-making…

Our insatiable appetite,
For one another…

Our hunger,
To taste,
And consume,


While I sympathize with the fatigue
Of others’ sleepless nights,

The source of my sleeplessness…

Is vastly different.

My fatigue,

My ecstasy…

Are the consequence
Of our fire.



You are…

What keeps me awake at night.



© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.



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3 thoughts on “What Keeps Me Awake

  1. I hope you visit my blog and follow ….. thank you

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    1. Thanks for reading my work! I look forward to enjoying your blog as well!

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