My Muse

Now, 7:19pm,
After my day started,
At 4:14am…

I am now free.

All my day job

All the house chores

I am now free…

To write about


All day,
I’ve found myself,
Unable to focus,
As I should.

You steal my thoughts.

All day,
I have fantasized,
About being close to you,
Touching you.

You rob me of my means
To function.

All day,
I’ve consumed this picture of you…

Razor sharp genius,
Unconstrained power,
Consummate self-assurance,
Decisive sensuality…

And in consumption of this image
I’ve been taken away
By the flood of you,
All day.

To be fair,
I’ve learned that my routine…


Let’s be frank,

That my life,

Is held within your hands.

You are

My creativity…

My means to discern…

My expectations for my life…

All guided,
And focused…
And centered…

On you.

My life, my lover,

My muse.



© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.


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