Like so many others,
He wanted it now.

Life was at his finger tips.
One click,
One “Like,”
One immediate home delivery.
Now…was too slow.

Then he met her.

In those following moments,
And days,
And weeks,
And years,

He saw truth.

Gazing at her for eternity,
Was too fast.

Feeling her hand in his for a lifetime,
Was too expedient.

Everything that he knew,
And trusted,
And believed of the
Perfect life…
Was now changed.

Since he met her…
His life was different.

Feeling her heart beat against his chest…

Seeing her cradled against him…

Knowing that she longed for the same


Reframed his picture of the perfect life.


Just very slow…

Was all he needed…





© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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