Maybe…I Need The Pain

Teeth clenched,
I beg for this damned laptop,
To boot…

To give me the means to write…

To give me a forum,
To proclaim what I feel.

The urgency,
Would not be so real…
So pressing…

Had I not just heard
A song,
That made me think of you…

The woman I love.

Perhaps it should matter,
That I can never,
Be with you.

My thoughts are rogue…
Beyond what is acceptable…

For both your now…

And my now.

I shouldn’t think of this,
And feel for this…

About the “us”
That will never be…

But I do…

And accept,
The pain of our unreality.

But in this forced separation…

A part of my heart

Is seared,
And scored,
With the touch of real,

And maybe that’s enough.

Maybe my life is not meant to be,
As I wanted,
Or expected,
It to be.

Just maybe,
The poison of the pain
Makes me cherish,
All the more,
The depth,
And richness of life.

Maybe it makes me accept,
And relish what it means
To be truly alive…

And in love.

Just maybe…

I need the pain.



© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

5 thoughts on “Maybe…I Need The Pain

  1. There are exquisite key elements in this verse! Not a one of us ever get to call the shots through our lives do we? Therefore ‘The poison of the pain’. And sweetness of deep sentiments of appreciation!

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  2. damn. i feel this from start to finish.. the urge to write right when the inspiration hits. the feeling of wanting someone you can’t have. and the pain that pushes us to do this in the first place. great work

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Lou! It is amazing at how strong I feel that impulse when an idea comes to me. Almost like words trapped inside must find a way to get out. Maybe that’s a little strange…but it’s how I’m finding this writing habit to be. And maybe, that’s not such a bad thing. Really appreciate you taking the time to read my work and provide the comment!

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