Old School

I don’t care what others think of me…

I don’t care if they approve or disapprove,
Of what I believe to be right…

That I believe,
In the deepest reaches of my heart,

That I should treat you
With deference,

That I should embrace
Every chance to honor
And worship you.

I love to open the door for you.

I love to ask you how I can help.

I love to cook for you,
And feed your body
And soul.

I want,
More than anything in my life,
To protect and defend you…

To provide for you…

To serve you,
In every way.



Am yours.

So for those that demean my ways as outdated,

That claim the modern woman
Is offended by my thinking,

This is what I say…

I will not change.

I will not stop cherishing the woman I love.

I will not stop struggling to serve,
And honor,
And glorify her…

In every way.

This is me…

I am,

Old school.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

7 thoughts on “Old School

    1. That is very kind and generous of you to say. And that verse is exactly the way I feel. Maybe it’s not for everyone, but that’s what I believe to be important!


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