The Recipe

If you ever need a cooking lesson on love,
Or perhaps,
Guidance on the recipe for passion…

Let me give you my thoughts:

— Take one Friday night, early evening.

— Add background music of classic Rhythm and Blues.

— Use “Tennessee Whiskey” as performed by Stan Edward Moore.
— Substitute as necessary one track of Marvin Gaye “Let’s Get It On.”

— Add you, in all your beauty, and edginess, and delicious sensuality.

— Add two glasses of wine (your choice).

— Incorporate a make-shift dance floor (move furniture as required).

— Remove all separation between your body, and mine.

— Join your physique, pressing fully, into me.

— Chests and hips as one.

— Synchronize our rhythms, and heartbeats, and desires.

— Dance…together…slowly…savoring every beat of the music…until our bodies beg for the next steps.

— Transition from that make-shift dance floor, to whatever place suits your dreams.

— Never…ever…forget how special, and perfect the completeness you gift to one another.


Repeat as necessary.




© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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