The Answers

He stood there,
In a very special place,
Before throngs of friends and family.

It was as if he was on a stage…
All eyes
Watching for him
To do the right thing.

All ears
Listening for him
To say the right thing.

This spotlight of attention
Was uncomfortable,
But there was no escaping it…

Not in this place…

Not in this moment.

When he saw her enter,
Thankfully, all the scrutiny
And attention,
Shifted to her…

But he sweated nonetheless,
While fighting to control a racing pulse,
And angst rising in his throat.

As she approached him,
She seemed to glide…
Separating the throngs,
Blurring all but her,
Causing him to reflect
As everything seemed to slow
To a dreamlike pace.

The first moment he saw her,
Years ago,
Flashed before his eyes.

At that high school party,
He could sense
Something completely different
About that captivating,
Beautiful young woman.

Maybe it was her lustrous smile.

Maybe it was an edginess,
And wit,
And charm.

But with sixteen vast years
Of life experience under his belt,
He knew no better,
Than to walk up,
Challenging those currently
Engaged with her,
Introduce himself…

And ask her name,

Hoping he would get an answer,
Vice rejection.

And she obliged…
With that lustrous smile.

Over the subsequent weeks,
He saw her in school,
By some serendipitous fortune…

And at one point,
He mustered an abundance of courage,
Putting to her
The simple question,

“Would you like to go out with me?”

Hoping he would get a positive answer,

And she obliged…
With that lustrous smile.

One date,
Led to the next.

And soon days passed,
Bridging months,
And then years at university…
Separated by miles,
But remaining true to one another.

Each time
He asked her
About her vision
For them…

She always had the answer
That he hungered for…

And she obliged
With that lustrous smile.

Now, as this angel parted the throngs
Nearly to him,
His reflection on the past,
Was overcome by the rapture
Of the now.

There was yet one other question
For this special,
Precious woman.


Here she stood,
Before him…

Before all their families and friends,

Before this altar and their God.

With just one last question he needed to hear,

“Do you take this man…..”

And just one last answer,
He begged to hear from her,

“I do.”

And then see,

That smile,

That lustrous smile.



© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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