A Perfect Magic

Listen to me…

Every second
Of my life,
Is somehow touched,

Is somehow,
Made better by you.

I can’t explain it…

Other than this.


Utopian you,

Consummate partner,

All meaningful,
All powerful,
Beautiful woman…

Make me whole,
And alive.

No, I can’t explain it,

Nor do I want to.

Know this.

I don’t doubt,
Nor challenge,
The mystery,
And essence
Of you.

You sculpt me.

You bolster me.

You nourish me.

You are,
Beyond this routine world.

You are pure.

You are…

A perfect magic.



© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.


6 thoughts on “A Perfect Magic

    1. Thank you!! I do believe that special someone can be magical… simply beyond reason. We don’t need to understand it… just be grateful when that person is in our lives. Yes?


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