Now You Are Safe

Last night,
Even in my sleep,
Your breathing
Was also mine.

Being so near to you in our bed,
Even in my sleep
I could feel you,
I could hear your breathing…

Slow, steady,

I was there,
A part of you.

But then,
I awoke,
Somehow sensing troubles.

Your breathing
Now quickened,
Beyond your norm.

Your body began to move,
As if trying to escape.

Jumbled words spilled
From your lips.
Not common language,
But words of the distressed.

A nightmare,

Invading your privacy.

Invading your rest.

Panting began,
As you reached a fevered pitch
Of pain
And fear…

Needing intervention,
And salvation
From those
Night demons.

But I am here.

Embracing you,
Body to body,
Pulse to pulse,
I felt you,
And cradled you.

Nothing else
In that dark room mattered
But to give you peace.

And in that moment of embrace,
You broke away
From those demons.

And your pulse slowed,

And your breathing slowed,

And your body relaxed.

Tranquility settled,
Within you.

Just with a gentle touch,
And warm embrace,
A new peace,
Was delivered.

And I kissed you gently,
So grateful to have you,
And gave you back to your sleep,

“Now…now you are safe.”



© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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