Set The Record Straight

She had been on dates
With him.

Turned to good,
Turned to special,
Turned to intimate…

Turned to this moment.

They had held
One another,
And kissed.

She had felt
The strength
Of his character,
And the strength
Of his physique.

She had been amused,
By his charm,
And disarmed
By his wit
And charisma…

But he wasn’t forcing
The relationship,
Or the way ahead…

He left that to her.

So tonight,
She was in control.

There were
No pretenses,

She knew what
She wanted…

What she needed…

And what
She would have.

Her message to him,
Though unspoken,
Was conveyed
By her eyes,
And her touch.


When she took
The lead of the moment,
And their connection,
He neither doubted,
Nor resisted,
Her intentions…

He simply,
To this strong,
Forthright woman.

She was on
The precipice
Of her dreams
And desires.

No one would stop this.

She would direct
The way ahead.

She would reach for,
And grasp satiation,
And satisfaction.

He was hers,

And she would have him…

She was in charge.

And her feelings for him?

There would be
No confusion
In his mind…

No misunderstanding
About the way ahead…

No doubt about
What she wanted…

She was going to…

Set the record straight.



© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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