Until That Day

Each day,
Stifled him…
Just a little more.

The routine,

Suffocated him,
But nonetheless lethal.

Even as his lungs
Filled with air,
His heart was strangled,
Blood ejected into arteries,
But rent of emotion…

His body now,
Despite that
Flow of life,
An empty vessel…

Until he found her,
He remained

Until he reached
The oasis
Of her love,
He thirsted
For life.

Until he tasted
Her lips,
He hungered
A feast of passion.

Still waiting…

Still hoping…

Still longing…

For that beautifully
Perfect woman,
That would make him

Until then,
His heart
Would beg
For redemption
And salvation.

Until then,
His body
Would beg
For release.

Until that day,
When he was
Wrapped in her arms…

He could only dream…

Until that day.



© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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