Just Enough

What do you need,
And long for?

Is it stability?

Is it a constancy in life,
A surety,
From one day
To the next?

Is it protection,
And provision,
For your children?

Is it a touch of the sensual,
The raw…
At just the right moment,

Not always,

But at the time
And place of your choosing,
When it satiates
Your passion?

Perhaps you believe
Such a world is nonexistent.

Perhaps you see things
Only in two dimensions…

The past,
And the future.

There is no now…

Only regret
For the past,
And your hopes
And dreams
For the future.



Listen to me…

Consider another dimension,
The now,
With me.


Into my eyes.

Now is the
“Us” for which
You’ve been dreaming.


That is me.

Surety for your children,

That is me.

Take this moment,
As my testament
To you,
And your babes.

Look at me.

Listen to me…

Hear me.

I want to be
Nothing more,
Than what you want,

And need,

For the now,
And for the future.

I don’t want to
Be your exaggeration…
Just your everything.

I want to be authentic…
For you,

Simply a commitment,
Of love.


Just now…

Just enough.



© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.




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