What’s On Your Mind?

They crossed paths
Every morning
In that corner coffee shop.

Swept in,
At 8:15 am,
Like a fresh
Spring breeze,
Dispelling any
Lingering winter cold.

Everything in that shop
Brightened with
Her arrival…

The dark woodwork
Seemed to glow.

Patrons seemed
To smile more
As if urged by some
Unknown positive force
Conveying happiness.

So it was
Within this daily context
He saw her…

And was mesmerized,
By this woman.

On those lucky days,
They queued
Next to one another.

Her casual “good morning,”
Left him stammering,
When all he could think of
Was how totally beautiful she appeared.

And with subsequent
Serendipitous encounters
She would wish him
Well for his day…

And he wished her the same,
When all he could think of
Was how sensuous it would be
To hold her.

And then, most recently,
While queued for her latte’
And his espresso…
Their eyes met.

With the gentleness
Of her casual breeze,
She suggested
That on the morrow,
They stay,
And enjoy their coffees,


His breath was stolen,
By her conviction
And charm…

And he fought through
His shyness,
And mumbled
Some faltering
Stupid-sounding acceptance
To her unexpected

When all he could think of
Was how exotic
It would be
To make love to her…

Committing himself
To her total satisfaction.

And now,
On this new day,
He found himself,
Coffee in hand,

Following this

To a corner table,
In that intimate,

Coffee shop.

He felt his heart flail,
His nerves on fire,
His gut tighten…

Lost in this moment,
Lost in the gaze of
This goddess,

Not knowing what she
Might say,
Or how she
Might be feeling.

But all he was thinking
Was how luxurious it
Would be
Lying in bed with her
After a night of lovemaking.

Now seated,
She conquered his will,
And looked directly
Into his eyes,
And said,

“You totally intrigue me,
And every day
I’ve noticed you,

And I’ve wanted to meet you.

But over the last few days,
It seems like there is
Something that you want to ask me.

So tell me…

Now that we’re here…


What’s on your mind?”



© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.


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