Drifting in the quiet,
Of a failing life,

Heavy fog,
Unable to see the way ahead.

Syrupy thick,
Clogging and
Obfuscating all.

Emotional seas flat calm,
But portending
And an all-encompassing

In this hazard,
Unable to see,
Unable to feel,

My heart moves,
Tentatively forward.

Grasping for safety,

Unsure of itself,

Unsure of its asylum.


To hear the clarion call
Of your sanctuary.

To be guided to a harbor…

To be guided home.

To be delivered
To your love,

To you.

No longer drifting,
No longer unsure,

But now steady.

No longer lost,

But found,
And saved,

By beautiful you.



© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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