My Release

What is breath,
Taken in…
And released…

If not for the perfect
Portrayal of love.

A pure act.

An effort
Of feeding,
And sustaining…

Imbuing the very essence
Of life.

How can I
Breathe my
Into you?

This moment
Of us
Is not simply
A passing whim.

You are not
Merely a specter
Of pleasure,
Or desire.

In you,
I see,
And feel,
And long for…


In you,
Nothing else

Than to know,
And trust,
And savor
The truth,

That you somehow,
Accept me.

That somehow
I am

Of your love.

Every pain I feel,

Every challenge
Stressing my life,

Is subordinated
To the nobleness
And consummated

Of you.

My perfection.

My savior…

My release.



© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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