A Romance

Think back
Over your life,
To the most breathtaking,
Captivating moment
That you ever experienced.

Reflect on the awe…

Reflect on the sense of gratitude,

All, for having
The great good fortune,
Of being in that moment.

Then know,
And accept,
That same enchantment,
Is what I felt…

The first time
I saw you.

Nothing more special,

Nothing more beautiful,

Immersing me
In your angelic


Knowing that,

Understand this.

I am
So afraid
Of ruining this chance

To be with you,
To alter my life,
For the better,
For always.

So accept me,
As I am.

Know that I want only
To learn you…

The person…

The woman.

To understand…
How I can serve you,

To understand…
How I can be worthy
Of you.

Let’s breathe,


We have our entire lives,
To savor,
And respect,
And love one another.

There is no rush.

This is not a race…

This is a delicate gift
That we can open together

This is,

A romance.



© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

6 thoughts on “A Romance

    1. That is so kind of you! Sometimes, I think this world is simply too rushed, so I wanted to write about the beauty and importance of slowness in relationships. Really appreciate you reading my work.


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